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Play Based Learning Environment

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The focus of C&K kindergartens, and Ashgrove West Kindy, is for children to learn through play.

It is a commitment of all C&K kindergartens to deliver the four elements international studies confirm are essential for optimal emotional, physical, social and intellectual growth and development in early childhood education.

These elements are:

  1. A nurturing, stimulating, caring and fun-filled environment.
    Ashgrove West Kindy has large natural outdoor play areas, including a hill for rolling down, an obstacle course, a creek and paths through a rainforest area, vegetable and flower gardens, trees to climb, a mud digging pit, a large sandpit and a number of covered outdoor areas for water and art and craft and other activities that can still be undertaken on hot or rainy days.
  2. University qualified early childhood educators
    Each class is led by an early childhood university trained educator, as well as a trained assistant.
  3. Play based learning
    Play is a learning strategy and all children learn through play at their own pace. Your child will have opportunities to explore, develop and create at Ashgrove West Kindy. The curriculum approach to preschool learning will foster, amongst other things, your child’s curiosity, perseverance and risk taking. The educators will create opportunities and support planned and unplanned experiences for children in a play based environment.
  4. Involvement of families
    Ashgrove West Kindy recognises the important role played by families in the education of their child and values parent participation on a variety of levels.Families can participate in many ways, including:

    • Sharing skills and interests with the children in the educational program
    • Attending parent meetings organised by educators or the committee
    • Attending social functions
    • Supporting fund raising activities
    • Becoming involved in the Management Committee
    • Observe and/or participate in your child’s class
    • Supporting and encouraging your child in their efforts at preschool
    • Access the books, puzzles, parent resource books and DVDs, pamphlets, etc in the Parent Resource Room
    • Contributing to our sustainability program, by donating recyclable materials that can be used for art, including architect’s paper, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, fabric, bottle tops etc.