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Life at C&K Ashgrove West Kindy

Start their day with smiling 2leaf faces.

Your child will always be welcomed by friendly faces when they attend our kindergarten. Our consistency of educators, support staff and our strong community of families ensures children always have a familiar start to their day of play and learning. 

Your child’s daily routine will be predictable with the ability for educators to be flexible and responsive to individual and group needs.

  • On arrival the children are welcomed to their group and will sit together. This morning session allows us the time to greet one another and share news. It helps establish a sense of group and enables us to talk about the day ahead.
  • Each class takes a turn at inside and outside play.
  • Morning tea and lunch times – both classes share the patio area. This encourages social interaction with children across both classes.
  • Group times are where music and movement, group games and language/story time are the focus.
  • Transitions and tidying away times also play a significant part of our day, and teach children to switch from one task to another and the skills they need to become independent.
  • Rest time is an opportunity for children to complete a quiet reading or drawing and listen to quiet music while they rest their bodies after a busy morning.
  • At the end of the day parent’s collect their child (you’ll be called in by one of the children, who announce “you can come in now!), or if your child has After Hours care they’ll continue their day until you collect them.

We know how important it is to understand what your child is learning and the experiences they are engaging in. Your child’s learning journey will be captured in their portfolio and given to you at the end of the year. 

Families are able to see at pick up time what their child did that day through electronic photo boards displaying photos of the children and sent directly to you via the Storypark app.