Frequently Asked Questions

How many days must my child attend?

It is a requirement of Government that children attend a pre-prep program for 15 hours per week.

What hours is the Preschool open?

2021 attendance options and times can be viewed in the Classes tab.   Before Hours Care from 7.15am and After Hours Care is available from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

How many children attend each day?

Two classes operate each day, with approximately 44 children in total attending each day.

What is staff turn-over like?

C&K Ashgrove West Preschool is proud of its low turn-over rate of its pre-prep educators and assistants.

What is the staff/child ratio?

There is a educator and an assistant for each class of 22 pre-prep children.

Do I have to have my child down at birth in order to get a place?

The first 88 children on the waiting list are guaranteed a place at C&K Ashgrove West Preschool, if they select us to receive the QKFS subsidy.  However, in our experience offers are almost always made to children beyond the 88th place.  Offers are made in strict waiting list order, so the sooner your child is placed on the waiting list, the greater their chances of being offered a place.

Can my child attend the year before they are pre-prep aged?

It is a requirement of the Government and C&K that we make every effort to maximise the opportunity for pre-prep aged children to attend the Government Approved Kindergarten Program.  This means that our policy is to give pre-prep aged children priority and we are only permitted to consider making offers to younger children no earlier than three weeks before the end of Term 4 and only after C&K have advised that we can.  If the Management Committee decide to make offers beyond the pre-prep aged children who elect for us to receive the government subsidy, offers are made strictly on the waiting list order and are limited in number.

Are children with special needs accommodated and welcome?

C&K Ashgrove West Preschool offers an inclusive policy and will make every effort to assist all children to integrate into our program. In consultation with families, the child, staff, management committee, and C&K early education consultant, appropriate support will be put in place.